Exploring Brighton — Britain’s Beach Town

  • The Lanes: This is the main thing to do in downtown Brighton. Cute, small lanes wind through the city center with cute little shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes mixed in. This picturesque neighborhood feels very old, and you definitely realize you’re in Britain while you’re here. This is a great place to spend an afternoon shopping after a mid-day coffee, or an evening checking out pubs.
  • Churchill Square: This big shopping center is close to The Lanes and has all of the major stores, even many American ones, which was great for me after coming from Spain. It’s in a great location, and a good place to come for any “American” stuff you might miss.
  • Seven Sisters: Don’t leave Brighton without coming here! An hour long bus ride outside of the city and down the coast is this amazing site. This national or regional park (not sure which) is a beautiful hike through an open field, along a pond, toward the Seven Sisters Cliffs, which are completely breathtaking. These chalk white cliffs drop off steeply into the English Channel, where you can look out over the water. The hike is maybe an hour and it’s pretty flat, so it’s very doable, and the views are stunning. If you walk about 2 miles further you’ll get to the tiny village of Birling Gap, but I didn’t manage to get that far. Next time! You can take the Brighton & Hove public transit buses both ways, which makes the trip quite affordable. Price: ~ £12 round trip for the bus.
  • Fatto a Mano: This brick oven pizza place was great, they make personal pizzas with thin crust, but super soft dough. This was one of my best meals in Brighton, and I highly recommend it.
  • The Breakfast Club: This cozy brunch spot in The Lanes has cool toasts and more traditional American brunch food. They also have a great selection of brunch cocktails. Come here hungry for a full brunch experience!
  • The Flour Pot: This cute little bakery and cafe is located in the neighboring town of Hove, and a must if you’re staying there. The coffee was great, and the pastries, sandwiches, and other baked goods were all fresh and healthy. I think they’re pretty vegan friendly, too!
  • Wahaca: This trendy Mexican spot is a great place to grab tacos and margaritas. It’s somewhat tapas-style, so get a bunch of stuff, it’s all super good! I think this place might be a chain throughout Britain as well.
  • Temple Bar: Not sure if they’re modeled after the original location in Dublin or not, but this cool pub has some great craft beer on tap, as well as two stories and a cool atmosphere. It’s more of a trendy than a dive-y pub, if that’s your thing.
  • Molly Muldoon’s: This place is definitely a traditional Irish pub, and it reminded me a lot of pubs I’ve been to in rural Ireland. They had a live band and everyone was dancing, it was really fun and lively!




I live an international life and I love to write about it. I love to learn languages and live in different countries, and encourage others to do the same.

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Jane Abert

Jane Abert

I live an international life and I love to write about it. I love to learn languages and live in different countries, and encourage others to do the same.

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